Baltic States

Welcome to Riga!

Baltic-tour part one

As frequent travelers, one of our biggest aims was to visit the Baltic States. This amazing opportunity succeeded from may 4th to may 14th.

Before the journey, we tried to prepare a bit, reading some news, some travel blogs, critics. Really soon we figured out, we don’t have to read, or don’t want to prepare, the best thing that we could do is that letting us for going adrift.

The force was with us, and landed successfully in Riga, from Prague. While we were on the way to the city centre, we’ve been just figured out, that this city is more different like those which we’d been visited before Riga, our very first impression was that the city is unique, Riga has a unique, northern atmosphere. The suburban area is constructed by considerable wooden-houses, as we moved inward to the downtown, the wooden environment developed into some glasshouses, business centers. The queen of those business centers were the building of the National Library.


So, we had 3 days in Riga and one in Jürmala, let’s see how it can be spend.

Day 1 – The historical city centre

Town hall of Riga. photo:

On the day when we arrived, the Latvian flag was placarded on every column, on every building. Only after a couple of hours could we just figured out, that 4th of may is the National Independence Day of Latvia. In this case, there was a lot of celebrations on the squares and on various venues.

Riga’s most popular and iconic sight is the city hall square, headed by the City Hall of Riga. It was built in 1334, but in the world war it was fully destroyed, in 1999 the City Hall was rebuilt.

For our biggest surprise, one of the main festivities of the independence day, was organized on the city hall square. A very unique and ethnic music group played on the stage, and amazed us. Tried to catch them on Shazam, but it couldn’t be find.

We found them a couple of month ago, randomly. They name is: Tautumeitas. 🙂 Magical.

The inner city is cutting through by cobbled streets, smaller and cute, northern-style buildings. The other famous sight of the city is the Three Brothers. They are not twins, but all of them were borned in the 1600’s.

After all, if you had been already there, now you know, but if you’ve never been yet in Riga, let us tell you a little spoiler/secret: Riga’s mythical animal is, which has many motifs in the buildings of the city, and if you are lucky, you can see some species alive: Cat.

Riga’s iconic building is The Cat House, which is also the main figure of souvenirs. There’s also a hostel for cats. 🙂

Day 2 – Mezaparks and the Daugava River

If we can give you an advice for traveling between the sights of the city, use the public transport. The price of an 72 hour ticket is 10 euro.

Mezaparks is a must-have place to visit in Riga. It is situated a bit far from the centre, but it worth to visit. There aren’t so much of another tourists, mostly the locals are relaxing there and doing some outdoor activities.
The park contains a sky-high pine forest, and a lake.

Also in the park is situated the Zoo of Riga. The zoo is one of the smaller zoological gardens of Europe, but the more small, the more cute.
In this zoo we met the cutest seals of the world.

Daugava river and the riverside

Another must-have sight to visit in the city, to have a walk on the riverside. We can have a view of towers of the old town, on the other hand, we can have a view to some business towers, and to the building of the library. We recommend to have a walk at sunset. It is stunning!

Of course, we ate and drunk, but these experiences deserve a different post.
Hope you enjoyed this small novel from Riga. Like us facebook, and share this post, we will very happy! 🙂

All rights reserved. If you want use our photos, link us or ask for permission! 🙂

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