Baltic States

Goods in Riga

During the journey in our tour, we discussed about, how can be the city explored well, what do we have to do, for being some look-like-local guys.

The outcome of our discuss was that if we want some impression about the locals’ life, we have to visit the Central Market.
Quite close to the city centre, the market is situated near the Central Railway Station.

It is composed by 4 hangars, but when we were there, only 3 of them were functioning.

In the first hangar were situated the eateries, fruit and vegetable stands, the second hangar contained the prepared meals, and the last contained other goods, like detergents, clothes, etc.

The most attractive thing in the market was that all vegetables had a pickled version. Funny, we’ve never seen pickled garlic, and afterwards we regret a bit that we haven’t tasted it.

When we’d been just entered the market, our inner voice said right that moment, that we had to buy something.
It was a hard challenge, most of Latvian’s second language is Russian, but you can reinvent yourself in English aswell.

So, we find a cute granny, who sold various kind of honeys, and tried to buy a small glass of rape honey. She didn’t understood us in english perfectly, but she could explain that “this is family business” and with some gesticulation we succeed.

Four our biggest surprise, the most common international grocery stores can’t be find in Latvia, and it’s more than interesting. There are a lot of specialities, for us, the most interesting thing was the ice-cream salami. 🙂
The desserts from sour cream, which names are Murrr and Pasaka deserves worldwide attention.

Latvia’s national short drink is: Latvijas Balzams, the most popular beers are Tērvete, Cēsu Alus and Aldaris. We tried the Cesu Alus, it’s good.

We recommend the Lido restaurants for lunch and/or dinner. The latvian cuisine has a lot of characteristics from the russian kitchen. You have to taste the beetroot soup with sour cream.

We stayed in Latvia for 4 days, from this short period we can definitely write down that latvians are kind, very helpful, and we had a lot of great impressions. Worth to visit again.

You can reed more from Riga by clicking here. Or if you want to jump out for a short trip to the beach of the Baltic Sea, click here.

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