Baltic States


…which beach do we have to go next summer?


Before we started our Baltic – tour, planned a short visit to the Baltic Sea. From articles, posts and maps, we figured out that Jürmala is the closest town to Riga, which has a beach.

You can go there by car, bus, or bike, but the most cheap way to visit Jürmala is traveling there by train. The return ticket costs 2,40 euros. The train and the railway services are a bit old, they needs some renovation.

So, Jürmala is the 5th biggest city of Latvia, the most famous resort city of Latvia and the neighborhood, also in the former Soviet Union states.

The length of the coastline is around 33 km-s, and all is fully developed with hotels, beach volleyball courts, deck chairs, beach bars, etc.
When we were there, a lot of local people and tourists ran, played volleyball, or just walked.

We can just imagine that in summer what kind of summer vibes might be in Jürmala. Once in our lifetime, we’ll spend a lot of time in summer.

The city also deserves a deep walk, it is built by a lot of colorful, authentic wooden houses from the 19th, 20th century, in the middle of a pine forest.

Want to turn back to Latvia? You can read about our impressions by clicking here and here.

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