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The amazing Tallinn

After being amazed in Riga, we had to take our experiences into our backpacks, because a new adventure was waiting for us, the Estonian capital, Tallinn.

It’s a truly gem of the northern landscape, the population of the city is around 430.000 person. So it’s bit small, but as small as beautiful and cute. For example, the airport is almost in the city. It’s a big plus, right from the airport departs the tram no. 4., which is going to the city centre, and hasn’t got any extra fees for going to the airport with it.

Right in the moment of arriving, we figured out that this city is also differs from our past experiences, and this city will be really unique.

We had a lot of time until checking in, had to put our luggages into the luggage store at the bus station. We’ve been arrived barely to the bus station, and searched for the store, a cute middle-aged woman came to us, and tried to take us to the cash desks, and said: cassa, cassa!

So far it was love at first sight.

Unfortunately, we had only 2.5 days to discover the city. Let’s see, what can be viewed in this short time, what have we done.

The historical city centre

The most popular sight of Tallinn is the old town. It is the part of the UNESCO World Heritage list, with it’s cobbled streets, buildings, churches from the Middle Ages and renaissance, and houses built by Scandinavian architectural style.

It’s truly amazing, worth to visit it.

One of the main square is it’s the Town Hall square. It has been a market place and the centre of this old Hanseatic town since the Middle Ages, and nowadays has it’s important role aswell. In summer it is filled with outdoor cafes, and markets.

Town Hall is the oldest city hall in North-Europe and the only preserved one in Gothic style. It has it’s main role up to 700 years, but in nowadays it is open for visitors, and open for venues, and music concerts.

Kadriorg palace and park

Kadriorg Palace was founded by Russian Tsar Peter I in 1718. The palace was named Kadriorg (Katharinenthal in German) in honour of his wife Catherine I. The Palace houses the Kadriorg Art Museum, which exhibits the Estonian Art Museum’s collection of foreign art.

The park around the palace is ideal for having picnic, for short and long walks, running, etc.

Telliskivi Creative City

A former industrial complex on the borders of the Old Town and Pelgulinna and Kalamaja districts, is the creative centre of Tallinn, with a lot of street arts, unique eating and drinking places, design shops.

We had amazing impressions from Tallinn. The city is well-developed, the citizens are friendly and kind, the cityscape is mesmerizing. Definitely, we will go back a lot of time.

Last, but not least, a short gallery of Tallinn’s cityscape

But wait for a second, we still have a lot of exciting stories and pictures from Tallinn, but we’re going to write them into another post. Stay tuned, please, it will be fun!

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