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Northern beers and ice creams

Hi! 🙂
We have some questions to you. Do you like beers? Do you like craft beers? Do you like the original Italian ice cream? Yes? Nice, then forget them.

At the northern side of Europe, there is a small country, called Estonia, where the number of craft beers per capita is 3. It’s not a joke, it’s not a legend, this is the truth.

But first of all, we have to eat ice cream.

It’s a bit bizarre, eating a lot of ice cream in may, when the average degrees in Estonia is around 12-14 celsius, but we found two interesting – and tasty – places which were opened, and as good ice cream lovers, we had to taste them.

Gelato Ladies

Two beautiful Estonian women, Kristen Tuulmets and Sindy Püssa founded the Gelato Ladies ice creamery. You can taste flavors from classical chocolate to the banana-kiwi sorbet. It isn’t expensive, 2×4 tastes costed 8 euros.

La Muu

The other ice cream quarry is in the Telliskivi creative centre. As we wrote about it in the last article, the formerly industrial park turned into a district of arts and design, unique places for eating and drinking, art shops and vibrating areas of the youth.

In this district you can find the La Muu organic ice-cream-laboratory. Don’t be afraid, it is real, and very delicious, tasty ice cream. You can choose from approx. 20 tastes, from the classical vanilla to the caramelized bacon.

THE Beers

The F – Hoone

In the Telliskivi district, there is a bar/restaurant, called F – Hoone. It is visited mostly by locals, but visitors are welcomed too, the staff is clever and kind. When we took our seats, we recignized, that the menu contained almost 40 kind of beers. So we had to ask the staff to give us some advice, what we should choose. We were lucky, our waiter said, that this is his first day, he doesn’t know the menu very well yet, but he told the favorites of him, that’s how we discovered the Siidisuka beer, and for eating the mutton-dumplings. It is very tasty.

The whole place became friendly and sympathetic, and we didn’t feel the need to find other places for eating during our journey, we just turned back to the F – Hoone several times.

After the great lunch we decided to have a walk back to the city centre. During the walking we discovered a shop, full of Estonian handmade and craft beers. There was a plenty kinds of beers, and was worth to stay there a couple of minutes, to see, how creatively can a small bottle be designed. Which bottle we liked, we bought it.

Top advice: before you want to shop from here, you should visit the 100 Ölle koht – Tavern of 100 Beers bar. You can choose truly from more than 100 of beers.

And it’s also worth to visit the St. Vitus bar. The staff is also friendly, and you can also taste a lot of local, Estonian beers and crafted beers from all around the world.

And how friendly are the Estonians? One day, we were browsing around the souvenir shops, and entered one, called Muulin. After that we were talking together continuously, in Hungarian. One of the shopkeepers came to us saying, that he understands some words and expressions from our conversation, but he didn’t know what we were talking about, cause it’s a different language. After introducing ourselves, that we’re Hungarians, we talked together with the shopkeepers about our languages and our journey for almost 20 minutes.

Hope you enjoyed this small topic of Estonian beers and ice-creams. If you enjoyed, please, follow our Facebook, instagram or twitter page. Or all of them. 🙂

For reading our articles, we brought you a small gallery of Tallinn by night.

We really enjoyed staying there, and we’ll definitely go back to Tallinn a lot of times. The environment, the people are really friendly, the culture of the Estonians are rich and amazing. It was one of our best travel experiences in our life.

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