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The Spartacus Path

We hope that you are planning a trip to Hungary. We hope that you are planning a trip to Budapest, and we also hope that you will be here more that 3-4 days and we still hope that you’re keen on hiking, or being in the middle of the nature.

Visegrád Mountains and the Danube river in the background. Photo:

Let us reccomend you one of our favourite landscapes and hiking trails in the neighborhood of Budapest, which can be easily insterted into as a short jump-out from the city.

One of Hungary’s cult trails is located between Pilisszentlászló and Visegrád. The starting point is the center of Pilisszentlászló, a really cute and small village in the middle of the Visegrád-Mountains. It can be reached from Budapest with the suburban railwayline H5 to Szentendre railway station, from where you have to choose the bus no. 870. The final station of the bus will be the centre of Pilisszentlászló.


After getting off we have to begin our journey in the street which has the Z sign. The street and the path is going straight ahead for a long time, leaving the village, and arriving to a wide meadow, where horses and cows are grazing. After a fast goodbye we will arrive into a forest.

In the forest a wooden board will inform us about the beginning of the Spartacus Path, and from here,we have to follow the green line sign. It’s not very easy, but it is feasible easily at all season, with the right equipment. In late autumn and winter a boot is required, at spring and summer hiking shoes or sport/trail shoes is enough.

The trail isn’t very steep, it goes always in hill-sides, sometimes between rocks, sometimes in a narrow way.

As we move forward, the landscape and the view will be more and more breathtaking and beautiful, and the way will be more gracious.

Soon we will arrive to an abandoned hut, which is named Jenő. Eugene, in english. 🙂 It’s ideal to have a break here, or even a small picnic.

After the break we’re continuing our walk for a short time in a wide way following the green line, and then we have to turn right. From here, the path will go just down, into a valley, called Apát-kút, and after the valley, we will reach the idyllic Telgráthy Meadow. At the end of the meadow we’ll have an opportunity to enter the Ördögmalom Restaurant, or to turn back to Pilisszentlászló following the P sign.

Arriving to Visegrád, we have to just go forward until we reach the highway, where you can turn back to Szentendre (and Budapest) by choosing the bus no. 880, or 883. Please note, that you can buy ticket on the bus, but it’s possible only with cash.

In our opinion this is one of the most breathtaking trails in the Visegrád Mountains. It takes approximately 3,5 hour from Pilisszentlászló to Visegrád. The elevation gain is 290 metres.

Last, but not least, here is a small gallery about the path, from winter.

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