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London, Baby!

We thought a lot about a catchy, engaging introduction for our article about the city, but we considered that it’s far enough to write the iconic sentence: It’s London, Baby!

London is well-visited by various purposes, for a business trip, for hanging out, or because it’s cultural richness. It can be reached by every kind of transport, by airplane, train, ship, so only those people can’t go to London, who doesn’t want to reach.

Our challenge was visiting London in a short weekend, without any day-off from our job. We departed from Budapest in a Friday evening, and turned back at Sunday night. Well, we had a 100% Saturday and a 65% Sunday in our pocket to visit the sights of London, as much as possible. The question is: are 2 days enough to visit the city? Before answering, let us tell you, the answer will be a small spoiler, but keep calm, we will explain everything, and we will show you our experiences. The answer: two days is not really enough for London. But if you have only a short time, and really only a short time, here is our two days in the British capital.

Day 1.

First of all, having an english breakfast is a must. Then, our journey started in the London Bridge, and having a walk until the St. Paul’s Cathedral. Just for proving that we can use the Wikipedia, the Anglican church sits on Ludgate Hill at the highest point of the City of London.

From here, we continued across the Millennium Bridge to the Tate Modern. It is Britain’s national gallery of international modern art, based in the former Bankside Power Station, in the Bankside area of the London Borough of Southwark.

Entering into the museum is free of charge, but it is based on donations. If you don’t have time to visit the exhibitons or if you simply don’t want to, we recommend to visit the shops of the Tate. You’ll find very exceptional books of various topics, and unique souvenirs.

After the Tate, it’s worth to stay in the wharf, and to take the direction to the Big Ben. If we stay in this way, we will meet with the London Eye, with the National Theater, with a small market of comic books, and with a cool skateboard park.

But let’s keep a short break at the London Eye. This wheel was London’s highest building before The Shard was built up. Entering into the cabins of the wheel costs min. 27 pounds, and a turn takes 30 minutes.

Our journey continued on the Westminster Bridge, and passed the building of the Parliament, and the Big Ben, which is currently under renovation. Quite close to the Big Ben you can find the Westminster Abbey, and the Westminster School.

From the Westminster Abbey and School you can reach the Buckingham Palace by just a short walk. For our sorrow, nobody was at “home”, Her Majesty stayed at her winter residence.

Beside the stunning architecture and the history, London is famous and popular for its parks. The St. James Park, and the Green Park is situated right in the neighborhood of the Buckingham Palace. All of London’s parks are home of several bird species (yes, except of the pigeons, of course) and squirrels. All of the birds (yes, the pigeons too) are almost friendly, and sometimes the squirrels are too friendly. Some of them climbs up on you quickly and easily.

After the St. James Park, our next station was the Piccadilly Circus, then the Soho. 🙂

Soho London

The Soho is a vibrating, cultic area of the West End of London. It is the main sight, the epicentre of the capital’s nightlife, home of several pubs, clubs and adorable restaurants, home of several design clothe shops, vinyl stores, cafés, and all of what you want. In one hand, the Chinatown is situated in the neighborhood of Soho, and on the other hand, the Covent Garden, the home of theaters, and the Royal Opera House.
The Covent Gardent is associated with the former fruit-and-vegetable market in the central square, now a popular shopping and tourist site, called Apple Market.

In this district, you can find the Seven Dials Market, which is a new, urbanist food market, with street foods, cafes, and food bookshops.

We recommend to have a lunch and after some Gintos in the Soho. After arriving to the district from the Park, we stayed here until almost midnight.

Day 2.

First of all, our second day in the British capital wasn’t complete, we had to arrive at least 7 p.m. to Gatwick Airport.

But until the time of the farewell came, we had a lot of point and territory to conquer. 🙂

After our English Breakfast – again – our main goal for the day was to visit the Hyde Park, which is the largest Royal Park in London. For those who love statistics and numbers, Hyde Park covers 142 hectares, and it is home of almost 4000 trees.

It was interesting to see a lot of Parakeets, who are living in the park, and they don’t freeze. Some groups of tourists are arriving to feed them with seeds, or apples. Because of it, they are friendly with people.

In the norther neighborhood of the Hyde Park locates the Paddington district, with the Railway Station and with the cute Paddington Bear sculpture.

After the Paddington station, we’ll arrive into the Little Venice district. Which is a really little peace of the real Venice: both sides of the canal are restaurants, cafés and pubs.

Eats and drinks

It is necessary to state that there’s a lot of opportunity to reach the city by a lot of cheap way, but before you arrive to London, you have to give much food to your wallet. If it’s ready, you’ll really enjoy the gastronomy and the pub-culture of the city.

We mentioned a lot of times the breakfast. The role of breakfast is not just important in dietetic aspect, but the myth of the English breakfast.

Our choice was The Breakfast Club, which is located in the Soho district and in the Bankside. They gives us a hearty breakfast, with tea/coffee for around 20 pounds. The staff is extremely kind. But it’s typical of the whole citizen, whom are really kind and very helpful.

The next meal which is a must in London is: Fish and chips with fish and chips. Our choice for it in all evening was the Shakespeare’s Head Pub.

In the British cuisine, the unmissable thing is the traditional pie aswell. If we will be hungry, ’cause the breakfast is really abundant. Really.

There are a lot of great pubs in London, worth to try at least 2 of them for a great beer or ginto, whiskey, etc.

Last, but not least, we enjoyed this a little bit rushing jump-out to London. And there are no doubts, the city could be visited and could be draw out from our bucket list. Yes, we pulled out, but without visiting any museums, and we didn’t spend too much time in each sights. We can declare that London deserves at least 3 days.

Now, that we’ve seen the most of the popular sights, the secrets of the city can come to discover them.

Challenge accepted.

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