Milano Good Vibes

This article was written in 2019.

With a little luck everyone can fly today to beautiful places for very cheap prices. If you plan a short trip with only a backpack to somewhere, then you may reach from quite a few parts of Europe so popular and spectacular destinations by plane, like e.g. Milano for no more than 20-30 Euros. And Milano is really worth a visit, it’s one of the cities that is probably on the bucket list of every traveller.

Milano is really popular, a real metropolis, one of the centers of luxury and fashion. Old, grandiose buildings, modern skyscapers, the elite of design and fashion products – this is what is waiting for us if we decide to visit this wonderful city. If you want to feel the real italian atmosphere, than you may want to go to South Italy. But if you go to Milano, we may have some tips for you, what you can see behind the fashion houses where you can also feel what most of Italy is loved for. And if you wonder where the title of the post come from, then listen to the song of the italian hip-hop singer, Mahmood.

We arrived at Thursday evening to the Milano Malpensa Airport, where from a one-hour-long train trip took us to the city center. Milano has another airport near Bergamo. If you arrive there, than you have to take the shuttle bus, which also will take about one hour.

The most popular and important things to see:

The Duomo di Milano:

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II:

Castello Sforzesco and Parco Sempione:

Giardini Pubblici:

Cimitero Monumentale:

For the most friendly and vivid part of the city you will have to walk a little furhter, to the Navigli quarter – but belive us, it is worth that half-an-hour stroll. This quarter was built 800 years ago around a canal system serving the transportation of goods and people to the city. Today it’s rather the hipster part of the city with walking streets, gondolas, plenty of bars, restaurants and artistic shops. It’s a really wonderful part of the city, especially the area around the largest canal, where you can meet a lot of joyful local people.

The city center and its neighbouring quarters are easily reached by walk, and we encourage you to choose walking to move around so that you can admire the huge variety of architecture styles really close to each other. You don’t have to walk more than 20 minutes from the Duomo and you may find yourself in the Chinatown, or among wonderful skyscrapers.

And the most important: the food and drink

We promised to show you what is the real Milano behind the fashion houses like, together its local people and special mood. We chose to do this by our gastro experiences during which we were not only casual turist, but local football fans too and we also made a whole restaurant angry.

Il panino del laghetto

First we recommend a small sandwich bar not far from the Duomo in a quite hidden, narrow street. It’s a family venture visited mostly by local people, the residents of the neighbouring houses, the employees of the surrounding offices. Everybody was welcomed as warmly as they would have belonged to the family, and they got their usual sandwich and coffee immediately. To our pleasure we got the same love, and the personnel asked as more times how we enjoy the food, and with what else they could serve us.

Zibo – Cuochi Itineranti

source: tripadvisor

We visited Milano twice in 2019, once in February and once in October. We found this restaurant accidently in February in a quite unconvinient sleet almost dying in hunger. At one point the thick cloud layer disbanded and the light of Moon enlightened the door of this restaurant. May it didn’t the exact description how it happened but that’s how it remained in our memory – maybe because of the happiness after finding this wonderful place. When we arrived the waiters told us that they are full, but if one hour is enough for us then we can sit at one of the tables. We took this chance.
Zibo was originally known as a food truck, but with its popularity and demand it could have been transformed to a fine dining restaurant quite soon. Their specialities are the raviolis filled with the sauce of traditional italian pastas creating dishes like Ravioli Carbonara or Ravioli Amatricana. One portion is 150 gramms, so you will have to eat a starter and a dessert too, if you are hungry, but you will feel in every piece the high quality of local products and the love they were made with.
In October we wanted to go for sure and we reserved a table. There was one table remaining for Saturday lunch – on Wednesday morning.
And how did we make the restaurant angry? Well, that was our big mistakre, caused probably by our full stomach. After lunch we ordered two coffee. One espresso – and one coffee latte. After pronuncing latte, the face of the waiter went red, and we saw that he didn’t know he should cry or laugh. But finally he just said: “Coffee latte is for breakfast! You must have an espresso for lunch!” So maybe we didn’t make the best impression, but they said anyway that they wait for us to come back. And it’s sure, that we will fo back the third time as well.


After a visit in Italy the first question you may get: Did you eat Italian, real gelatos? We cannot tell you what is the real Italian ice cream like, but that’s for sure, that you will get wonderful flavors and huge portions almost everywhere. Now we recommend you one place – because we didn’t find better.

Gelateria La Romana

The main objective of the ice cream shop founded in 1947 is to mix tradition with innovative solutions. The flavours are perfect, pistachio give you for example the experience like biting real pistachio beans.

Joining to the fans

On the last evening we searched for a bar near our hotel to close the wonderful days we spent in Milano with a bear. We chose a moody place which was a little bit empty when we entered, but we liked its friendly atmosphere. But then we had to wait no more than 15 minutes and the bar became totally full. The reason became clear not later either: everyone wanted to see the AC Milan – Genova match broadcasted on the big TVs of the bar. Everyone followed the exciting game – the youngsters, the elders, and also we.

It was interesting to see that even at 11pm the squares and playgrounds were full were people, even with young children. We really liked the mood, the happiness and the noise without any fear of the wake up tomorrow.

We also liked the lot of street musicians and the visitor and local people around them enjoying life in this city. Which is very green, and not only because of the lot of parks. You will find the famous vertical forests here and you will also see that most of the balcons and windows are full with as many plants as possible.

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