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National Blue Trail – From Piliscsaba to Hűvösvölgy, Budapest

These days are a great opportunity to discover the hidden gems around our neighborhood, or creating plans, wishlists, finding great challenges until the borders will be open. Now, that the challenge word is mentioned let us recommend you a great challenge in Hungary, if you are a hiker or if you like hiking: The National Blue Trail.

The National Blue Trail (in Hungarian: Országos Kéktúra, Kéktúra or simply OKT) is a national trail in Hungary incorporated into the European Long Distance Walking Route E4. The route starts atop the Irottkő Mountain (884 m) on the Austrian-Hungarian border then cuts across Hungary eventually ending 1,128 km later at the village of Hollóháza by the Hungarian-Slovakian border.

source: wikipedia

The whole route or its sections can be completed for amusement without any validation. However, the completion of the Blue Trail is a very important event in the life of Hungarian hikers, so generally they have their own personal completion brochure, or you can download the app for completing electronically.

Several sections of the path are crossing the mountains near Budapest, so if you are planning a visit to the town, why don’t you plan a day for take a hike? You will be amazed, we guarantee it.

Tasting the National Blue Trail, we recommend you to start your trip with the section which is situated between Piliscsaba and Hűvösvölgy.

The path are going through mostly on a declivous field, but obviously with some uphill, but it won’t be that hard.

The path begins near the train station in Piliscsaba, which can be reached by the train no. S72, Z72 or G72, which are departing from the Nyugati Railway Station.

After arriving to Piliscsaba, for a short time we are going parallel to the railway, then turn left through the underpass at the first intersection, then immediately at the first corner to the right (between the kindergarten and the cemetery).

Following the sign, we leave the settlement on Kálvária street, after a short asphalt walk we turn right and then we reach the first obstacle. The closed gate should not stagger anyone, you should climb the ladder next to the gate.

From here we go on a particularly friendly and beautiful wooded terrain for a long time, with smaller inclines.

In this terrain we proceed all the way to the meadow between the Nagy-szénás (Great Hay) and the Kutya-hegy (Dog Mountain).

We turn left in front of the pines and then soon reach the top of the Great Hay. Here, it is worth to include a longer rest, at least until we admire the panoramic view. It’s breathtaking.

We descend from the roof in the direction of Hármashatár Hill, and then we reach Nagykovácsi shortly through the pine forest. Then we take a few steps again on an asphalt road, after a barrier we reach a meadow where the tourist house on Zsíros Hill used to stand.

We move on the same wooded, calm terrain as most of the section and then have to descend all the way down a rocky, hard slope to the Hermit Gorge.

Descending is a real test, but it is needed by the way.

Soon we arrive in an already inhabited area, although at the beginning we have to pay close attention, we have to drive on the asphalt for a short time, but later there will be a sidewalk. We pass in front of the gate of the Church of the Assumption in Máriaremete, and then descend between the houses.


Leaving the roundabout, we slowly reach the Great Meadow, then another small wooded terrain awaits us, and then we slowly reach the station of the Children’s Railway.

Aside from the rocky descent, a really easy hike awaits us on this stretch, but there are still sweaty, smaller ascents in the meantime. It felt especially good and liberating to break out into nature, to draw strength for the rest of everyday life.


According to the official booklet, 575 m of elevation awaits us on the route, which can be completed in 6 and a half hours.

In contrast, based on the measurement of our smart devices, we performed in 5 hours 11 minutes, with rest, eating and drinking, and all level differences were 547 meters.


Soon we will back with further hiking routes. Until that, follow us on Facebook, instagram or twitter! 🙂

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