Ravello and Positano – A true fairytale

There are writings, books which offers us 1000 movies what we need to watch before we die, 1000 books what we need to read before … There are places that should definitely be seen at least once and each destination is worth a different reason, no two impulses are alike, as our experience so far has proven.

The Amalfi Coast is essential with Ravello and Positano. Both settlements offer a special, unique experience for the visitor.


Ravello is a very small village in the mountains of the Amalfi Coast, part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was built on Monte Tello in the 12-13rd century. Its surviving image and popularity can be attributed to the Rufolo noble family. Their residence built on the settlement is the biggest and most impressive attraction in the area.

It is recommended to arrive in the village by bus, in addition, it can only be reached by car. The bus is not only more obvious because you can look around, the narrow mountain roads and winding curves that cross the area require experienced, patient drivers.
There is also a hiking trail from Amalfi, you can climb in about an hour.

After a short walk to the bus stop, we reach the main square, dominated by the dome, which was also built by the Rufolo family.

From here a plenty of signs indicate where to head for Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone.

One of the main attractions of Ravello, one of the core of the town, is Villa Cimbrone, which also has a history from the 11-12th century. It began to take its final, present form from 1904, when the land was bought by the English lord Ernest William Becket that year and remodeled according to the rules of English garden architecture of the age. The villa was named Villa Cimbrone based on ancient relics.

We have to pay 7 euros to enter the villa and its garden. It can’t be called cheap or expensive, but the sight we get for that is invaluable. The experience provided by the endless encounter of blueness and glowing green, spiced with the ambiance and architecture of the area, is invaluable.

Practically, thanks to Villa Rufolo and the Rufolo family, Ravello is brilliant. Most of the residence was built between 1250 and 1283 during the reign of Nicola Rufolo. Admission to the nearly 8,000-square-foot building complex is 6 euros per person.


Positano, like Ravello, is an imposing town and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997. It lies in a gorge valley and even extends to it. Its crowded, narrow, steep streets facing up and the beach offer a truly stunning view. And swimming there is quite special.

The village can be reached by bus and boat.

The most popular place on the Amalfi Coast and the prices have been set accordingly. On all beaches in Positano it costs 25 euros for a deck chair for 1 person, in Amalfi for the same amount you can rent deck chairs for 2 people.

Positano is a beautiful example of how beauty can come at a price, but nevertheless it is worth it and must be seen once, as well as the many settlements and sights of the coast.

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