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Milano Good Vibes

The iconic town, which is on every bucket list. Click here to read our impressions of Milano, behind the luxury and fashion

It’s London, Baby!

What to do in London, if you have only two days in your pocket. Apart of every catchy introduction, we write just this: It’s London, Baby! Click here to read our article.

The Lithuanian countryside

Two cities, which are worth to visit, Kaunas and Trakai. Both are quite close to Vilnius, and they will give you unique experiences. Why? Click here to figure out!

Baltic tour: Vilnius

Our final station of the baltic tour was the Lithuanian capital city.
Click here to read about our impressions of it.

Few days in Skopje

A capital in the middle of the Balkans, which is worth to visit. Why? Click here, to read about it.

The Spartacus Path

We recommend a short jump-out from Budapest, into the stunning nature of Hungary. Click here to read the article.

The amazing Tallinn

Our impressions about the mesmerizing northern gem, the Estonian capital city, Tallinn. Click here to read our experiences and to see a lot of amazing pictures!

On the top of Koprovsky Stit

A special experience, hiking in the end of October, hiking in an autumn day from the summer warm into the winter cold in one day. Click here to read the article.


Latvia’s most famous and attractive beach is worth to visit in every part of the year. Why? Click here to read the article.

Welcome to Riga!

The beginning of an amazing journey crossing the Baltic States.
Our first stop was Riga, the Latvian capital. How to spend your time in a short trip? Go to the post